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"I like to think about these friendships as space friendships, like growing up on Mars or the moon instead of on Earth. A moon-woman might be genetically human, but she'd be stretched tall, willowy, and pale."

I liked this analogy so much!

internet friendship grows differently but it is not bad or good it is just different and makes a significant impact also good or bad, we should also make a balance between Irl and internet friendship.

online friendship can help us in pandemics like COVID-19, also when you find that all real friends you have don't share with you any interest then you should make internet friends.

I have an article about my experience in this niche: https://medium.com/all-about-surrounding/how-to-make-online-friends-my-3-years-experience-making-internet-friends-b0690e7fd29e

making online friends become an interesting and important topic these days , and also become a money generator like renting friends for video games and more.

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